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Bow Valley Straws

Axolotl Glass Drinking Straw with Case & Brush

$20.00 CAD - $23.00 CAD
Axolotl Glass Drinking Straw with Case & Brush

8" Clear Borosilicate Glass Straw - BENT - with a White Colored Axolotl with Pink Gills.

Each Axoltol Straw also comes with a Carrying Case + Cleaning Brush.

**PLEASE NOTE while all my straws are dishwasher safe this particular design has the little gills sticking out on its face so it is a bit more delicate than the rest of my straw designs that are very well melted in all areas, to avoid catching on anything or bumping edges easier, I would recommend handwashing instead with the little included brush**

Each Axoltol Straw also comes with a Carrying Case + Cleaning Brush!

Carrying Case colors: Silver or Neon Green

Contact me for other sizes/colors not listed or for certain color combos to match your favorite axolotl colors (golden, CFL colors etc) or check back for more color options to be added later.

Handcrafted and Kiln-annealed borosilicate glass straws are the best reusable straw option out there. My straws are dishwasher safe but even easier to clean with a straw cleaning brush under a tap. **PLEASE SEE ABOVE NOTE ABOUT MY AXOLOTL DESIGN**

Borosilicate glass is much more durable than you'd expect, they are break & shatter resistant and won't ever leach any chemicals, fibers or toxins into your drinks like other reusable options out there. They are also the easiest see if they are clean before use, as you can see through them. Glass straws are also perfect for hot drinks as they won't conduct the heat as metal straws can. 8" is my standard straw size and all straws are a thick and durable 1OMM Diameter unless otherwise noted, please contact for custom sizes and bulk orders.