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About Bow Valley Straws:

I started making Glass Straws for fun during the Summer of 2018 in Canmore, Alberta as an artistic alternative to plastic straws, as well as other reusable straws. There was a huge movement starting around Canada (and the world!) to encourage restaurants to cut back or get rid of single use plastics, starting with mainly plastic straws. Other unpleasant alternatives such as paper were being offered, or nothing at all. I found so many drinks still needed a proper straw to enjoy it (smoothies, milkshakes, heavily iced drinks) and also discovered there are many people out there with disabilities that require a straw for their drinks and even soups, due to mobility issues. I started out setting up my torch at Canmore’s Art in the Park and melting glass live on my weekends. I used to travel around Alberta to various markets & events doing live glassblowing demos and educating the public about plastic alternatives, as well as the art of borosilicate glass work (pre-pandemic!) and hope to get back to it next summer.

Bow Valley Straws are handcrafted in Alberta using a style of glassblowing called Lampworking and I use a type of glass called Borosilicate. It is commonly used in Laboratory and Bakeware due to Borosilicate’s ability to withstand high temps and thermal shock. I also Kiln anneal my straws as a final step to help strengthen them. They are dishwasher safe and great for both cold and hot drinks as they don’t conduct the heat the way metal straws can. They are easy to clean with a cleaning brush and you can always easily see if they are clean all the way through.

Plus, they are tiny works of Art :)

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Bow Valley Straws

are made of strong, kiln-annealed Borosilicate Glass making these eco-friendly straws shatter/break resistant, toxin-free and they can be used over and over again. These straws are 10mm wide which are perfect for most drinks including milkshakes/smoothie drinks, the standard 8” length are approx the same length as the standard plastic straws. Good for either hot or cold beverages as well as both microwave and dishwasher safe (although easier to clean just under the tap with a brush)

Unlike plastic, metal and bamboo straws you can see if your glass straw is clean on the inside. Very easy to clean under the tap with the cleaning brush and kid approved too! As with all straws please make sure your child is seated while using a glass straw :)

Help rid the environment of plastic straws & support locally made art at the same time.

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