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Tiny Axolotl

$25.00 CAD

Cute wee Axolotls handcrafted using durable and beautiful Borosilicate Glass. Kiln annealed to ensure longevity and each little axo is totally unique, and they may *slightly* vary in look.

Perfect for succulent gardens, fairy houses, your desk at work or anywhere you'd like to see a cute little face :)

Currently Available in:
- White with Pink Cadillac Gills - Swimming (Legs out)
- White with Pink Cadillac Gills - Standing (Legs underneath)
- Icy Blue with Pink Cadillac Gills
- Satin Pink with Pink Cadillac Gills - Swimming (Legs out)
- Satin Pink with Pink Cadillac Gills - Standing (Legs underneath)
- Satin Pink with Rosaline Gills (Transparent)
Most of them are the "standing" style which means legs underneath, unless "swimming" is noted which means its legs are at the sides - see last pic for the best view of the legs.

The Satin pink is a slightly CFL color and looks light or bright pink depending on the lighting :)

Each Tiny Axolotl is *approx* 0.5" - 1" tall, 0.5" wide and 1" long

These tiny works of art are handcrafted using borosilicate glass and kiln annealed as a final step to help ensure longevity. Each item is unique and no 2 will ever be the same, but I get pretty close! :) I design and make all my pieces myself; I want everything I make to be something you'll want to keep forever! I hope my work is collected and still in use 50 years from now, just as I collect and use vintage glass today.

See my listing for Axolotl Straws here: https://www.bowvalleystraws.ca/product/axolotl-glass-drinking-straw-with-case-brush

**All pieces are made from 100% Borosilicate glass, intended for decorative purposes and they are NOT made to be a child's toy!**

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