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Bow Valley Straws

Opal Turtle Glass Straw

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Opal Turtle Glass Straw

8" Borosilicate Glass Straw (bent) featuring a Turtle with an encased Opal in its Shell.

Each Opal Turtle I make is made with a different body color to make each of these functional works of art a 1 of 1.

Includes a carrying case and cleaning brush.
Gift Boxes also available upon request.

Currently Available Turtles:

>> Icy Blue - An icy light blue shade that looks almost purple in some lighting (1st Picture)

>> OG Moss - A Satiny dark green moss color that is a rare borosilicate shade that is no longer in production

>> Jade Green - A medium icy green that is a bit semi transparent

>> CFL - A Color changing shade that is Purple under CFL lighting and Blue/Grey in Natural Light


CANADA: OSlettermail is free or $10 Tracked, $15 xpresspost

USA: $13-15+ Tracked