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Bow Valley Straws

Straw Stands *Includes Tracked Shipping*

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Straw Stands *Includes Tracked Shipping*

Perfect for your always growing Glass Straw or Stir Stick collections ;)

These stands have a hard plastic base with a silicone insert to hold your straws of all sizes and widths. Choose from plain stands or some i've added vinyl designs of hearts, turtles, paws and more. Each stand includes Tracked Shipping ($15-26 value!) and 1 bonus mystery straw to start or add to your collection.

These stands nicely display 2 rows of straws for a total of about 18 of my glass straws, but you can still fit alot more if you use all the spaces.

They are a great spot for drying your straw after washing and for storing until next use. The silicone insert is removable as well so you can wash it if needed. These are also great for holding pens, brushes and more.

The base is white and is available with 3 different silicone colors:
- Black
- Neon Pink
- Teal

I may be able to customize the stand with vinyl lettering too, pls send me a msg :)

Due to the thickness shipping has to be a tracked package for this item so TRACKED SHIPPING IS INCLUDED ON THIS PRICE !