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Bow Valley Straws

Ghost + Pumpkin Straw Sets

$26.00 CAD - $56.00 CAD
Ghost + Pumpkin Straw Sets

Halloween Borosilicate Glass Drinking Straw in sets of 2 or 4 straws featuring pumpkins and ghosts, each straw includes a carrying case + brush.

PACK A: 1 Single Ghost + 1 Single Pumpkin

PACK B: 1 Swirl Ghost + 1 Swirl Pumpkins

PACK C: ALL 4 Straws - 1 Ghost, 1 Swirl Ghost, 1 Pumpkin Swirl and 1 Pumpkin

Available in Straight, Bent or Mix of both.
Mix of bent + straight will be sent as default or pls add a note with your preference if you want all straight or bent.

Check out more of my Halloween designs in my shop too! :)

Handcrafted and Kiln-annealed Borosilicate Glass straws are the best reusable option out there, plus they are tiny works of Art. Borosilicate Glass Straws are super easy to clean with either a cleaning brush or just in a dishwasher, being see-through you’ll never be left wondering if there’s something still stuck in there. They are break/shatter resistant, and wont ever leach any chemicals, fibers or plastic toxins into your drinks like other reusable options can. Borosilicate Glass is also much more durable and thermal shock resistant than commonly used glass like murano/soda lime.

I design and make all my pieces myself on a torch using glasswork techniques taken from both glassblowing & lampworking, and all my work is kiln annealed as a final step. Each item is handmade and unique and some of my designs can take months to get "just right" before I add them to my shops - I want everything I make to be something you'll want to keep forever! I hope my work is collected and still in use 50 years from now, just as I collect and use vintage glassware today :) My straw cases are made from a durable vinyl and 100% cotton sleeves may also be available upon request.

***8" is my standard size, and all of my straws are a 1OMM Diameter, please contact me for custom sizes! I can make them any length you desire***

CANADA: Standard Mail is FREE (shipped via Oversized lettermail, not tracked) or you can choose a tracked package option at checkout.

USA Is $12-15 CAD
Intl $30+ CAD

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