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Bow Valley Straws

12" Sale Straws

$15.00 CAD On sale
12" Sale Straws

12" Borosilicate Glass straw with Designs, on Sale while supplies last.

Ready to ship next business day. See my other listings for more sizes. Clearing out in-stock items to make room for new stuff :) Save 25-50% off regular price.

B= Bent


Ones with * indicate a ~minor~ design imperfection and will be listed (wrong color, gimpy eye etc)

Cases + Brushes sold separately.

More Pictures will be added later!

Handcrafted and Kiln-annealed Borosilicate Glass straws are the best reusable option out there. These straws are super easy to keep clean with a brush and are also dishwasher safe. They are break/shatter resistant, and wont ever leach any chemicals, fibers or plastic toxicants into your drinks like other reusable options can. Borosilicate Glass is much more durable and thermal shock resistant than the cheaper, more commonly used glass like murano/soda lime. Due to its high level of purity, Borosilicate is used scientifically for laboratory equipment and also used for high quality bakeware.

I design and make all my pieces myself; I want everything I make to be something you'll want to keep forever! I hope my work is collected and still in use 50 years from now, just as I collect and use vintage glassware today :) I also hand make my straw cases, currently using a thick vinyl fabric and 100% cotton may also be available upon request.

***8" is my standard size, and all of my straws are a 1OMM Diameter. Please contact for more custom sizes or colors! I can make them any length you desire***


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